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Yearly HOA Dues

Everyone who purchases a home in our Stone Meadow South Neighborhood was notified at their loan closing of the fact, there is an HOA and the dues to be paid yearly. We bill them every January and they are due in April, which is done to give everyone time to pay their dues owed. When the dues are raised, it is done, to keep up with the increased expense to the HOA expenses, and also upkeep of the entrances and property boarding the Neighborhood on Western and S. W. 164th. 

This year, and the upcoming years the board made a decision to plant Fraser Photinia bushes along the fences on Western and S. W. 164th. They will grow very quickly and be kept trimmed at the hight of the fences. They are an excellent medium-sized evergreen shrub ideal for hedges along fence lines. New growth explodes in bright bronze-red in early spring, maturing to large, dark green leaves. The first stage will be planted around Feb. 1st, 2020, with 20 each on the south and north side of SW 159th and Western. There will be two each planted at each fence panel, and will quickly cover each section of the fence.